We have called our business 'The Happy Tooth'  We did this to reflect our belief that a healthy tooth, through best dental practice, is always a happy tooth.

Our modern and comfortable dental premises are located in Muswellbrook.  We provide dental services to all areas of the Upper Hunter Valley including Muswellbrook, Denman, Merriwa, Aberdeen and Scone.

We offer a full range of treatment options. In addition to general Dentistry we have available tooth whitening, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, together with general preventative care programs. 

Your teeth are important to you, and important to us. 
Your teeth:

  • are involved in your nutrition and general health through what you can eat;
  • impact on your general appearance, particularly when smiling, laughing and talking;
  • can affect your speech.

The Happy Tooth Dental Practice recognises the value to you of your teeth.

Patients with Private Health Insurance will enjoy the value and convenience of instant claiming.  Patients eligible for funding under the Veteran’s Health Program, and the Child Dental Benefit Scheme are most welcome and will be bulk billed.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Dr Alexys Ward

Dr Alexys Ward

Why Choose Us

Up to date equipment and technology

If I was having dental treatment myself, I want to know that the Dentist has the latest technology and equipment. This technology allows The Happy Tooth to provide you with the best dental care possible.

Digital x-rays

This x-ray equipment gives better results, faster turn arounds and 80% less radiation than the older technologies.

Intra-oral cameras

Our dental chairs come equipped with current technology, cameras and lasers. The chair based screens allow us to accurately identify any dental issues and to discuss treatment options with you.

Advanced sterilisation procedures

Our sterilising and infection control practices are of the highest standard. All equipment is computer tracked to make sure that only the highest hygiene standards are utilised at our practice.

Continuing dental education

Over the past seven years I have completed many courses on advanced dental techniques. The Happy Tooth is at the cutting edge of dental treatment, evaluation and practice.

I love what I do

I love being a Dentist. I enjoy being able to help fix patient’s dental problems. Being a Dentist to me is not a chore or a drudge, it is a positive opportunity for me to help someone.

I advise the exact treatment I would have myself

I will give you all the treatment options available together with supporting information. The recommendation I give you is what I think is best suited. It is what I would do for my family or myself.

I only offer treatment I can do well

There are lots of dental procedures I excel at. However, if someone else does it better than me I have a network of excellent specialists who I can refer you to. This team approach is sometimes the best option.

Pleasant environment with minimal waiting

We do not overbook, we always try to be on time. If we are running late, we will endeavour to call you and let you know. Nothing is worse than wasting an hour of your time waiting for us. However, we have comfortable client lounges.

Patient orientated approach

At The Happy Tooth you will have your Dentist, focusing 100% on you. The Happy Tooth does not have any corporate dental approach – that is a production line with patients seeing different Dentists on different visits with no continuity of service. You will have your allocated time with your nominated Dentist.

Patient comfort

By investing in current technology, we have up-to-date dental chairs which are designed for your comfort and efficient treatment. The latest relaxation procedures are adopted.

Funds Prefer Us

The Happy Tooth is proudly accredited preferred providers by HCF and CBHS Members. Happy Tooth Patients in these Health Funds will be able to enjoy a higher benefit payable on their dental treatment. These Health Funds through their preferred provider networks aim at reducing decay by making it more affordable to attend regularly and limit the out of pocket expenses.

Please contact The Happy Tooth if you would like to make an appointment or have any questions about the Preferred Provider Network.