Patrice - Receptionist


Hi,My name is Patrice O’Neill and I am now a part time receptionist at the Happy Tooth Muswellbrook.

I have been with The Happy Tooth since day one, 27th May 2014 and I really enjoy working here. The Happy Tooth is actually a very “happy” place to work, our staff seems to be expanding all the time. The Dentists, nurses and ancillary staff are a great bunch who are all dedicated to their work, but there is always a friendly atmosphere with lots of laughter!

I have been on reception here and at Paul O’Neill’s surgery for just over 25years. During that time a lot of our patients have become friends and I always enjoy having a “catch up” chat with them when they come in for an appointment.

The Happy Tooth Muswellbrook has been great for the town and a much needed asset. I look forward to meeting all our patients and I’m sure you will recognise my voice on the phone