Don't forget to Floss!!

Team members Katrina, Shannon, Tiarne Laura and our helper Brad

Team members Katrina, Shannon, Tiarne Laura and our helper Brad

If you don't floss your teeth you are not cleaning 30% of your mouth.

The team have been busy reminding the community about the overall health benefits of flossing their teeth, through the sales of Fairy Floss.

The idea is encourage people to remember that flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth! The surfaces between our teeth -where they touch, is the most common area where tooth decay starts. 

 At each fete we sold Fairy Floss to customers, they also received a bag of goodies which contained; a toothbrush, toothpaste, Oral Health Information and most importantly Dental FLOSS!

All funds raised by the sale of the Fairy Floss were donated to the Schools. 

We would like to thank St James Primary School and Muswellbrook South Public School for inviting us out to their fetes on 22 October and 3 November. 

Do you have an event coming up, would you like The Happy Tooth to come along? Call us today on (02)6541 1111. 

Helper Brad with team members Katrina and Samantha. 

Helper Brad with team members Katrina and Samantha. 

Samantha - the Floss Boss and Nikki

Samantha - the Floss Boss and Nikki

Gold Sponsors club

Staff members photographed with "The Muswellbrook Cup"

Staff members photographed with "The Muswellbrook Cup"

Muswellbrook Race Club 2017 Gala Dinner

A fun night was had by all at the Muswellbrook Race Club, Gold Sponsors Gala dinner.

Thank you to Muswellbrook RSL club for hosting a memorable event. 

The draw for the 2017-2018 year of racing was carried out with the team walking away with the honor of sponsoring the Ladies Day event. 

We hope to see you all down at the track!

Practice Coordinators, Katrina and Shannon with Dental Assistant Samantha

Practice Coordinators, Katrina and Shannon with Dental Assistant Samantha

The Vern-Barnett Award for Excellence in Dental Assisting

2017 Winner Megan Budd

2017 Winner Megan Budd

Megan wins prestigious award

On Saturday 16th of September 2017, the team attended the 2017 The Dental Assistants' Professional Association conference, held at the International Convention Centre Sydney - ICC Sydney.

Megan was nominated for The Vern-Barnett Award for Excellence in Dental Assisting by Dr David Ward and was crowned the winner by a selection of Dentists, Mrs Vern-Barnett and industry peers from the Dental Assistants Professional Association.

What does the award stand for?

Nominations had to meet a selection criteria; 
Influence a student
Volunteered to help the underserved
Organised continuing education courses
Developed procedures to improve the workplace
Be an exceptional mentor for staff or made your workplace a better environment in which to operate

We would like to congratulate Megan on her achievements.

The 2017 Happy Tooth Sporting teams


As the 2017 Sporting season draws to an end.........

We would like to congratulate all our "Happy Teams" on an outstanding effort, on an off the field. 

Muswellbrook Women's League Tag - Under 14's

Muswellbrook Jnr Netball - The Happy Tooth Fairies

Muswellbrook Mixed Touch Football Team - The Happy Tooth Hurricanes 

Expressions School of Dance 

Wishing you all the best for the finals..... go Happy Tooth!

Return from the land of Trump

Dr DK is back from his Implant training course in the USA.

Whilst away he participated in an Advanced Surgical Course in Miami (5/5 -8/5) before heading off to Columbia (9/5-14/5) to learn Surgical procedures such as Lateral Sinus Lift, Block Graft and Soft Tissue Grafts.

We now look forward to now providing these services to Patients that require them. 

A little more about his trip.....

In Miami and Columbia it was all work and no play with a short trip to Miami Beach, which he described as a bigger version of the Gold Coast.

He fell in love with Spanish language and the Columbian culture and is now trying to learn Spanish - but it is not going to well.

One day soon he hopes to return to Columbia for a proper holiday with his family.

Avoid Traumatic Dental Injury – Wear a Mouthguard.

Mouthguards can protect you from some serious sporting injuries, such as broken jaws, fractured, cracked or knocked-out teeth, cut lips and tongues. You can play any sport with a mouthguard, you don’t just have to be playing obvious contact sports like rugby union, rugby league, AFL, hockey, etc to sustain those kinds of injuries. Even non-contact sports like cricket, basketball and even netball, carry a real risk of accidental collision, resulting in dental trauma.

If you have braces it is highly recommended to wear a mouthguard to avoid grazes or serious injuries to the lip, cheek and tongue.

Our staff have recently completed a training course – Modern Mouthguards presented by Dr Brett Dorney. This hands on practical course will ensure that your mouthguard is made with special moulding techniques to minimise impact.

About Dr Dorney;

Dr Dorney has been awarded fellowships from The Academy for Sports Dentistry, the International College of Dentists and the Academy of Dentistry International and has also been lecturing for 20years in Australia and overseas on Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Dental Injuries.

Get Snapped!

The team have been sharpening their photography skills. Together with 1122 Corp  our staff participated in a Clinical Photography course.

This course will assist us to provide the best clinical photos for all our Orthodontic, Cosmetic and General Dentistry.

What is Clinical photography you ASK ????

Clinical photography is the daily recording of clinical conditions presented by patients and is used for diagnosis or for recording a condition during the stages of treatment. At The Happy Tooth clinical photos are taken at each orthodontic appointment review every 2 – 4 weeks to see the progress of the patient’s treatment.

Project Yeti – Nepal Dental Aid Mission 2016

Stephanie, Belinda and Megan headed off on a life changing experience to Nepal. They worked with Project Yeti as Dental Aid for two weeks at the Kopan Monastery.

During their time at the Monastery; the girls got to experience the Buddhist religion, strict routine for the Monks and the Monastic lifestyle.

The girls are very thankful to all the Patients at The Happy Tooth, the Muswellbrook local community/business and Dr Alexys Ward, that made generous donations to help get them there.

“Real happiness in life starts when you begin to cherish others.”

About Project Yeti

The Project was founded in 2012 by Dr George Manos and his wife Helen. Dr Manos and Helen aimed to provide dental care and oral health education in Kathmandu. The clinic is within the Kopan Monastery which is near Boudhanath, on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Want to help?

Dental Operators and trained support staff are highly sort after. If you wish to volunteer with Project Yeti, please refer to their web site;